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the floor with the assistance of her father, moral rather

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this Decaisne usually adds laxatives, warm baths, mag-

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way is the fear of being conspicuous, of being the target of all eyes

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Upon the stretch, for the accomplishment of which the

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any animal cells can live, and yet this acid is secreted by the lining

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some of the benefits which this locality presents, to

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He claimed that his mental condition was unaffected ;

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for I consider it a typical case of cleft palate. It is a

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fat. (2) A few drops of a fifty per cent, solution of

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and lancets. The donor is Mr. E. Wadams of Great Malvern, and the relic

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has sometimes been unhappily ignored in the midst of the more

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Resolved, That the officials in charge of residential

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Rosenau: Preventive Medicine and Hygiene, 3rd. pp. 192; 184; 178.

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bid bioplasm of small-pox or syphilis will only produce after its

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Dr. Fontheim says he has found this agent very beneficial

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two hours from 7 a. m. to 11 p. m. In the beginning of the

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What makes it more probable that this should be the main use of

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Mil, an endothelial cell swollen and projecting into

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or preventative medicine. It has been the custom from time

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charge of the Medical School. The University Court has now

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moderate bleeding and encouraging spontaneous stoppage, by

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pregnated with medicinal salts, possessing singular virtues as remedial

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degeneration of the secreting structure ; (b) an alteration from

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extracti hyoscyami, gr. iss. Fiant pil. ij, p.r.n.s. hora somni.

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The difference is a quantitative not a qualitative one.

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respectability; for he would never have purchased a

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with bichloride compresses until ready to make the incision is to

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gauze-drains passing clear through, from left to right, in order

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hospitals being professors in the schools ; such a thing as medical

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The above mixture contains 76 per cent, of iodoform. In intro-

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form and methylic alcohol in 20 cases of laparotomies performed

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and the identity of certain other unclassed fevers — as, for instance, in

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and animal diet. There are delicate and sensitive natures

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It is devoutly to be hoped that when the sixth edition of Dr. Neligan's well-known and

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of cases the sac was ligated at its neck, and the pillars of

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rapid and feeble, and symptoms resembling typhoid quickly

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Thus in 1788 he carried a drawing of the cowpox as seen on