whether by acceptable personal deportment, or high moral qualities

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The main diet of the French is bread ; and on our visit to the

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chronicity of the process, and, more especially to the degree of its limitation.

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specks, especially when looking at a white object ; these are larger than the

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alveolar and infundibular walls. It is customary to speak of a

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whether the person so affected be female or male. The disease,

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before the members of the Royal Academy of Sciences

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with the gouge. It is almost certain to be injured if the mastoid is

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adult life, just as glioma is the most frequent in infancy and early

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death, with some disease, we will sometimes find microzymes

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mental question affecting the entire usefulness of the ' eyes

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Preparation, of Caustic Potash, by J. Liebig. — The pre-

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in scientific investigation, to establish a solid basis for action and

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§th white, as appeareth in flesh, whose proper colour is red,

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violent sensory stimulations which they find increase

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the London Congress last June was its fine museum. All curators

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tion of the various disorders considered, he has succeeded most happily;

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alterations of pulse and temperature. These may be absent in cases in

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torious services in the care of the wounded on July

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some cases surgical measures may relieve, or even cure. For details of

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determining the toxic dose and comparing them on a basis of 100 grams

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crease in the number of open-air schools during the last

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* Jacobi Bordingi, Physiologia, 8vo, Eostockii, 1605.

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case is facilitated, without buccal, gastric or intestinal disturbance.

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vary with the cause and with the location and extent of the

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and none so subjected developed dengue. He then took mosquitoes which

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other cases similar lobules of " adenoid epithelioma " were found, only

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heroes and gods, now chapels of saints, are scattered

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to the urethra was the dangerous part of the opera-

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an essential feature after blood has been withdrawn.