pitched systolic murmur was present at the apex. Blood
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vous operation. Thus, on the one hand, Brandy may be
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ports, and indeed it was not until after the treaty
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shows. Though not exactly included in thia paper, I cannot avoid
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influence of the pestilence would not be worse than
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fluctuation below, and yet incision revealed intense diffuse
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monstration of the circulation incomplete. Harvey could not
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rigidity; some slight occasional spontaneous movements of the
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w^e should look for it in the cortex. If this is so, it may explain the
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The addition of iodine to aqua ammonia occasions the forma-
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ral inches of firm fleshy layers. The walls of the bronchial tubes, running
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bath, the duration of which will be determined by the state of
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Boiling alone affords a sufficient degree of anaerobiosis to the
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salt and water afterward ; but this renders it some-
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with her first calf. Everything that disturbs the quiet-
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Vivisection was given on Nov. 6th, 1875, and appears in the Blue-book,
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cated, too, if the symptoms after marked improvement
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' put on style,' and hold prominent college and govern-
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goats milk is made ufe of in bringing up children \
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slow deposition, layer after layer, of solid fibriu in the sac, until the filling-iu is
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At Manor Mill Lodge, Dundrum, Co. Dublin, Mr. George B.
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tions of the nails were secured, and subjected to micro-
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chart, 15 except in a few instances early in the work, where the linear
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to the nearness or distance of a shot, the direction which a
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sial tack set in. At 4.30 a.m., he was asleep, which
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ing the corpus striatum and neighbouring convolutions ; the
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1 70 Cirrhosis of the Liver in a Girl of Eleven Tears.
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unspotted from it, whose voice cannot but cry as much
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through practice, which is necessary for the perfecting of the eye as a seeing
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little longer,) will be deformed toes, mis-shapen ankles,
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The instrument was withdrawn, and he tried to bring the end of
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which arises in cholecystitis and pericholecystitis. The gall-bladder
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rabbits that destruction of the brain anterior to this region does not
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is perforated on its anterior surface about 2 in. from its upper extremity ;
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At first no bile escaped by the tube, but on the 10th of
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penetration of microbes into the peritonaeal cavity. Perito-
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— Dr, A. Maitland Kamsay gave a demonstration on ocular tuber-
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good deal in terms of methods in the scientific ap-
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placement programs are needed to improve the young pa-
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apply it by means of a small hot-box in which the limb