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a rule, superior to those of similar style in London,

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is applied on cotton swabs to the entire nasal cavity

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of two nieces, Ella C. Booth and Marie B. Whitfield, dur-

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campaign against preventable blindness. Other speakers

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cently placed in the hands of every physician in the State

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entation, November 29, 1909. Left auricle slightly more

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seen a trace of blood oozing from the scarified skin,

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parent that about half of the cases which do not re-

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Alexandrian disciples and critics came in this con-

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latter, after treating eleven cases of tuberculosis of

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without having to reach over or beyond the patient.

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all nasal and aural discharges are dangerous as long-

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cates Einhorn's pump by means of which the air is pumped into the

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dividual, its universe. Cell evolution is the natural

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Sometimes spirochaetae were still demonstrable after

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groups of epithelial cells in about the normal proportions,

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Whoever answers one of these questions in the manner

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The lesson that sexual continence has no bearing whatever upon

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Royal George, which arrived at Quebec last week is un-

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thoracic duct ; the other, that of the capillaries of the villi, lead-

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years I have been under the impression that my lungs were-

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that are most constantly used or most liable to ex-

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14. The Breast of the E.xpectant Mother: Its Care before

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compound comminuted fracture of both bones of the leg

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the seat of the pains. Then the pains subsided rap-

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kill bacteria led some few manufacturers to be care-

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C.\SE LII. Male, £et. thirty-eight; secondary syphilis

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nished by it is just as much an albumin saving agent

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an effort to secure the $500,000 needed to complete the