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the aorta backward through the imperfectly closed semilunar valve into

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(in ascending doses), turpentine, terpine, tar, the balsams of tolu and

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nosis is usually easy, and when in doubt as to whether the tumor is an

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chronic gastritis, the passage of gall-stones, cirrhosis of the liver, and

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nary arteries, and leads to thrombosis, Avith the formation of anemic

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if either is deranged hyperglykemia with the consequent glycosuria


(/) Periosteal nodes, like those occurring in syphilis, may follow

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roll). The disease is quite rare, and must not be confounded with the

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fens some joints to a certain extent. Superficial erosions of the carti-

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fact that the neuron body, the nutritional or trophic center for the fiber,

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arteries. Hence sclerotic and atheromatous alterations in the blood-

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near the root of the lung, distention is usually more marked than else-

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not without danger ; under these circumstances the drug increases the

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sodium bicarbonate, salicylate, and phosphate, which tend to increase the

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are also among its causes. Abel ^ regards atrophic rhinitis as infectious,

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The diet deserves most careful attention. When the stenosis is so

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ular, and intermittent pulse ; often an indistinct apex-beat ; an outward,

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an apoplectic attack, and it is scarcely necessary to add that this is usually

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effected. Strumitis runs a less favorable course for the reasons men-

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ments." I saw one case in which the pulmonary artery near the valve

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of the cardio-vascular forces may thus be maintained for a long period of

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toplasm and all the needed organs and qualities (except that its

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Treatment. — This must needs be merely palliative and symptomatic.

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as the neck and chest, to cold or to sudden changes of temperature and

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The symptoms are both mental and physical, either of which may appear

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affection that serve to differentiate it from diphtheritic pharyngitis.

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irregular and illicit sexual congress, and it follows that absolute moral

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dition eventually terminates life. Death may also be due to secondary

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in a few minutes becoming much thinner from the digestion of the starch.

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and the boundary-line above changes it is coextensive with a wavy impulse,

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possible instrument being always first choice. While preparing

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chronic interstitial nephritis, with its characteristic features (slight albu-

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beneath the abdominal Avail. It may, hoAvever, be deep-seated, even

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There is a certain amount of risk in injuring the ureters in remov-

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