Chyluria, although often an extremely debilitating disease, is seldom

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has opened in Chicago a private free dispensary for

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3. They are potentially malignant. The metastases, however,

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the subclavicular and cervical glands were indurated, hard,

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cream of tartar, chloride of calcium or potassium and sulphate of potassa.

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apprentice to his father in the silk-weaving trade, and later had been apprenticed

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ELSEWHERE in the present issue appears a summary of the

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contrary, if the issue become grave, a lowering of tempera-

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frequent intervals. The patient still had evidence of endocar-

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and those which occur after its death (saprophytes). A

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giving a reason of the hope that is in you." Every Saturday evening

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nourishment of a mother's breast. But the cupidity of the unprin-

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about gone, whip with a wet towel, work the fore limbs,

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He also adds that more than a hundred Eclectic physicians

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qualified to diagnose and treat diseases which he is not likely to en-

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catarrh was reported, affecting all the mucous mem-

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would indicate any severe injury of this joint. The

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occurred after 966 out of 1,401 cases had occurred. The same stage

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over the immediate crisis, by what may be described as medical

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but only an arsenical poisoning. Is the state to impose a penalty for re-

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29. Head-Retraction, marked Opisthotonos, Rigid Extension of Limbs, Super-

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symptoms occurring two to three weeks after starting

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in the flour ; stir the soda into the milk, and add gradually ;

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the sea-level ; namely, the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf'

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cauterization will suffice, though correctly-fitting shoes will

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