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at Jamaica had room for 300. During ISIay, June, and July, 1782,

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series. Hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis has been described (Juergens, 49

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through animals or in artificial medium since removal from the

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dipped in a solution of chlorate of potash. Under this treatment the ulcera-

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tion of the sciatic causes almost always complicated motor phe-

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batim his provisional account of the " Life history of the brown bur-

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the branches taught, and a record of their proficiency is

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The question simply amounts to the difference between failure and

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twitchings, dilatation of the pupil, disturbances of vision, and drowsiness.

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16 Boston Med. and Surg. Journ., 191 1, CLXIV., p. 119. 17 Trans.

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cal cleansing was a factor far more efficient than the antiseptic

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five to sixteen years inclusive have been examined. They have been

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outright, or inflict such considerable injury that the animals

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Pathology at the German University of Prague, is to

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officially to examine a bunch of 10,000 New Mexican lambs

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abscess form after the other, and the case be most carefully observed

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the tumour. It was possible, however, to demonstrate that

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tants, especially in the higher parts of that division, made use of well

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being often brought on by any extra exertion. For the last

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Hesh about the size of a pea used to come out through

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tained small filiform clots. The lips of the wound had ceased to

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hours, and yet had not used more than a quarter of a

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cussion upon cerebral haemorrhage; and, contrary to my

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the edge of a large ulcer. In these cases the amoebae pass between

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not only from the patient but from his attendant friends ; let him

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made by our fathers. Our civil statutes and social customs only change

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" I am glad that the location of the clinic was satisfactory, but

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unknown. Christophers states that since the female tick does not

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