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of vitamin A, that although the enlargement of the adrenal gland
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now known that they may live in dried sputum for months. All the
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of force employed between the pains. Its presence reduced the outer posterior
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it would be erroneous to conclude that, because the material ingested
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because when reflex convulsions occur, in consequence of strychnine
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is no clubbing of the fingers. Since the patient has been
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beginning of the siege, positions around which of necessity had
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immediate cause of death. When streptococci are found in the pus the
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are far from being entirely understood and offer very little of
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his cult were located at Epidaurus, Cnidus, and Cos, in temples administered by a priestly caste
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Hcrzfeld (Berl. Klin. Woch., 1901, p. 904) maintains that closure
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spoonfuls of spirits or sweet spirit of niter. One-third or
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solution of the sublimate of like strength until it is required
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weather. During a paroxysm of pain and swelling the palmar surfaces
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outer side. The bone being sufficiently divided a sponge dip-
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and NH4, in the presence of an excess of these salts, which introduces
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gastric juice, the acidity of which he believes to be owing to the presence of
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At the conclusion of the address a vote of thanks was
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to the lower axillary region. If breathing is harsh
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is retained as efficient, the generic name is solely used instead of the portion
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bath of a 20 to 25 per cent, salt solution had been also
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is too awful. No parents should sleep until they have first so hedged their
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prominent symptom in certain cases, constituting tympanites. The tym-
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missed his opportunity to make a great discovery and
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cast or a storm-warning, carries with it a patent suggestion of meas-
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for diseases of the nervous system, Turner's-lane Hospital,
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Protociiloride, FeCl ; new sj^stem, ferrous chloride, FeCl 2 . —
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same change, only in a more marked degree, and the change was not
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pressed during the process of digestion. Palpitations frequently occur,
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Burns's skull, and exhibited the same facial characteristics —
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and the like ; and the urine may run short, or flow in profusion. Some-
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There were cases reported in which infection took place on ships,
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ikow that it is In its total character, in its character as a whole^ that it imparts the condition.
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siderable. It results from this that, while the other por-
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report. The deaths, in the course of the two years, were from " pulmonary
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General Hesults of the Presence of Parasites in the Intestinal
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number of radiographs of several patients taken before, during