ledge of the climate of the mountain regions of North Carolina as
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one of twenty years. The spleen might be as large as a leucemic
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Royal Society, surgeon to St. Thomas's, St. George's,
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Symptoms, — The chief symptoms of complete uterine in-
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telling the Society of what became of the hospital ship.
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without operation. Some of diem lost their limbe — five out of the
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of crushed rock, over which the sewage effluent is sprinkled or
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fever, even in slight degree. Dr. Klein has described the presence of
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tities are not only given, but are necessary for tlio simple reason
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therefore established in a convenient position near their frontier,
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The larger proportion of the cases might be placed under
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of diseased action — an action having its issue in some of the most formidable complaints
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about a partial decomposition of the galactose. Again, the alcoholic
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Russo, Carlo. Associate Professor of Medicine. M.D. 1977,
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controversy. If the operation of tracheotomy is done early in the course
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good, and altogether I thought it a most unique and interesting
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Lowe, Esq., The Montreal Cottons, Ltd., Valleyfield, P.Q., repre-
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College, New York. Seventh of a series of Monographs on Disorders of Metabolism and Nutrition.
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by rather firm pressure above the pubis. This pain is occa-
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A. Personnel. — In carrying out an active fight against venereal
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pregnancy in a rudimentary uterine cornu in which abdominal section was
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the track of the tube. She markedly improved in health, and
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Experiments made in the Pennsylvania Hospital, prove the
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"Savage, W. G. 1912. The Inter-classification of the Para-Gaertner Group.
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gastric digestion, have remained only partially dissolved. This
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acc[uired the disorder in the course of travel. The cases seen in Egypt
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mation, or endometritis ; later, however, the presence
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9. For completion by nonprofit organization authorized to mail at special rates (Section
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ever view we may entertain in regard to the use to which albu-
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There are no signs in the nervous system except those detailed above.
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suitable soil and favorable climatic conditions. It is just
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1883, a case of anthrax treated successfully by the external
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Third, a young lady who properly was an operative case is relieved
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the confines of a city ; here the evil agents are operating on a large scale.