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"Mr. Moore displays more sentiment than does Mr. Allen, and a siirewder
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of a child. There were still all the external appearances of another child
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grown readily on all of the ordinary media used in bacteriological work
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rid of its contents. Two well marked meals is desirable. As in most cases there
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strengthened and fixed, whereas, by gentle usage and sym-
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paralytic, who took chloral for seventeen days daily (20 grains),
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on a small sloop. I visited him for the first time August 15th.
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pulse about 80 ; skin cool and relaxed ; tongue clean; thirst great ;
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small-pox, &c, and such, in my opinion, are yellow fever, typhoid
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areas. These are sometimes extremely large, especially on
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applied around the heel bend of the splint in such a manner
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presence of an organism morphologically and in its cultural
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we cannot congratulate the author quite as unreservedly as we
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individuals. It is true that in certain instances, such as those
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is usually pale and sprinkled with grayish points, due to cell
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"In our summary of thirty-two cases of urethrotomy, febrile
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doing good. It is advisable, in such cases, to employ the more
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of swelling and congestion of the mucous membrane with
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profession. I can say nothing of it from my own observation, but
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tarrhal laryngitis. I shall, therefore, con- we remember that a large number of the
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limp and flaccid. ^\Tien the tremors ceased, no tetanic spasms
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that the morphia can have no ill effects upon them so long as it
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of by Br, Ames, and in his doses, administered as in his prescript
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were aware that the voices depended on morbid sensations.
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Aug. 16. Although her mind is not entirely restored to its
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more pronounced. It squatted down and rolled over, re-
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was then carried through this orifice into the bladder and retained
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be swollen and abnormally yellow in color. The hepatic cells
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by Bentley, identical with the so-called will be well to remain open to conviction,
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coiton, which had evidently been impacted there for several days.
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it be given whenever he begins to give evidence of an inclina-
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in which it is taken. When taken dilute, can Medical Association says this is a step
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algerie. Reciieil de nied. veter., 7 serie.. Vol. VIII. 1891. p. 97.
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source of peripheral irritation forms an important factor in the
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