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becomes, then, a point of no small interest, to consider what indications
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of the gastrocnemius muscle of a young man. The tumor
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stocks, or his half dozen three story brick houses ; it is all in vain — he
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tedious to perform, takes more time, but the advantages gained by
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she wrote the best article iu the English language ten
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Ciliary injection was the first sign of eye infection to appear and
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He suffers also from pains of a rheumatic sort in the limbs and joints.
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the practical should be kept in mind, for it is well known
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clinicians that the disease is of infective origin, the infection in the
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and bone marrow. Histologically, he noted fragmentation of the tissue lympho-
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very unpromising one. There seemed) layers of fibrous tissue. The case was given
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even physicians expert in microscopic examinations upheld the opin-
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"dancing elephants." He says that fucus is a sure remedy to reduce
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amount of copper contained in the two solutions is then proportional to their vol-
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and a " carrier " discharged to further disseminate the infection. That a certain
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nate glands and of the escape of their contents. And the last
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Brit. M. J., Loud., 1887, i, 47; 93: 141; 187.-IIunter (J.)
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All oommunioations for the Hon. Manager regarding subscriptions, etc., should be
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above is best. The following conditions are necessary for
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mentous, tendinous, and other recent or original structures t)y which the
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Barnstable. — Dr. T. R. Clement, Osterville, President; Dr.
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cident, he perceived symptoms of stone in the bladder ; on be-
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bra, or along the crest of the ilium. In a case in the Hospital
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in some Continental States, of specially qualified persons. Tlien
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the right side results. As long ago as 1862, Bouchard recorded a case.
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extremities attached to the two alveoli ; but as it is, it gives no
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association of disturbed calcium metabolism and tetany after
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irritation and divert the blood from the stomach and bowels. We should be very
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attends extensive ulceration of the malignant growth.
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livered at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, on Saturday,
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The odor from typhus patients is stated to be characteristic. I have
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to 2 oz. of the powdered root; or i oz. of the foreign extract
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rated solution of any inorganic salt. When it is neces-
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other organs of themselves not necessary to life, may be the link easily
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and on incision were found to contain a thick, greenish,
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tility is lost in fatal poisoning. Death, however, occurs
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made upon the ganglia of the sympathetic system, Dr. Wilson Philip caused the performance
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case load. They probably will keep on going upward,
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