In the benign tertian type between the attacks the patient is
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was a large cancerous ulcer one and a half inches in diameter
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As these crusts form on the surface of the turbinated
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copies of Addiction Medicine and the Primary Care Physician
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the disease was against the theory of a parasitic origin. The
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• at the third annual meeting of the .•\ssociation of Ameri-
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in the adult ; in the child, atrophy of brain substance and expansion of
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wound as to modify it specifically, and give it the power to engender
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embraces seventy-two years. They were, through him,
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with good results. In acute cases the dose should be small,
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public feeling such as an intelligent doctor may help
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Physicians desiring to test Horsford's Acid Phosphate will be furnished a sample
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to the quarter affected and a crackling sound similar to the rust-
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without difficulty, yet in individual parts of the body
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is estimated that milk men in London annually get $1,330,000
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Dr. S. T. Clark, of Lockport, presented a case of abdominaHimior for