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membrane of the floor of the mouth, which is sometimes called an acute

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manure. Numerous analyses have been made of moss litter

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methods of procedure, the most withering scorn, the most vigorous con-

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will be found steadily and constantly circulating around the

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I have used it thirty-five or forty times in the removal of wens,

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would, it seems to us, go far toward reducing their indefinite-

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course of many diseases. Albumen in the urine is found in cases of all the

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algid stage the skin is ice cold and the patient complains either not

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to fit the hand, and can be made of any desired size to suit the opera-

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in proceeding to apply it in practice. On the fubjeft of cold,

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aided by the fact of the absence of all other signs of cardiac disease.

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all, can be theoretically as well as practically harmonized; both tending to

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Children at the breast, or when approaching dentition, present impetiginous eruptions

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merely signify the existence of some "coarse lesion"

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already said is the principle, tl.e power of life. Were it not so, reme-

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had been made in the treatment of fibro-myoma, and gave ex-

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such medicine is too frequently immoral and unjustifiable. As

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t;ie medicale dans les facultes de nuMleeine. .T. do iiu'hI.

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our ideas as much beyond their present scope as the micro-

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reconnoissance, and returned the same day. May 10th, one compa-

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Compound Tincture of Benzoin, [Friar's Balsam] , One Ounce.

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well in health ; and he was well enough to follow his

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tity required is completed, or until there is a demand from the

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cluded, this being accompanied as a rule by a simul-

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better qualified to work the change than Osier, for, in addition

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attended the College of Physicians of Dublin, and was pre-

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wax, which melts at a lower temperature than ordinary

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rated pain like a galvanic battery. The foot felt cold and

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I have perhaps strayed into Utopia, but a Utopia which will, I

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ondary. The organism grows upon the mucosa of the intestine and excites

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stomach contents is desirable, and I shall therefore formu-

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Vol. I. Boston: Published by Cupplcs & Kurd, 1889.

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