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Krngiijrratz Hospitals on dates specified, March 14 to June 5, 1915. (Chart 9, p. 87.)

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tions ; that tliA ingestion of large amounts of sugar is fallowed by a

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confirm the diagnosis of SNSTI defined as extensive

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efits, fewer than 50% of patients with heart failure are

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case of Dog 14) and remained so until the dog was sacrificed seventy-seven days

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the past as we know it now, and it was not due to the

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toms increasing on the following day, the patient consented to

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a deep reddish-violet hue, a purulent dermatitis may follow,

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introduced, and placed at the distance of about the y'^th of an inch from the ex-

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dure we owe to Aaron, Howard, and Delboeuf. Aaron says that one

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action of the heart to moderate. Much more depends upon furthering

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justed to spring scales, which were pulled upon from be-

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Oates, William Henry, acting assistant surgeon, is assigned to

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fact, which is proved by numerous examples, explains the occuirenoe

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defect ; and the similarity is increased by the fact that in some cases

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movement is now possible. The patient can voluntarily

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he had a chill and at the time of his visit his temperature was I03h°, and

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In the same year Professor Mayo describes much more fully than

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an article on the present state of college football, Profes-

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induced, it will be useless, if not injurious, to push them further. I have

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2 Cases I. 1, 2, .3. » Cases II. 1, 2, 3, 4, 14. * Cases II. 15, If!.

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and spasmodic twitching of the muscles of the left side of the face, together

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are among the most common manifestations of chorea.

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