erties, which may disappear under better methods of obtaining
had considerable experience as an anesthetist. There being
those cases are not due to diseases of the nervous system. He
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have greatly stimulated the study of preventive medi-
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Dr. Sanoeb Brown read a paper on this topic. He thinks
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in centimeter scale, the measurements from cardia to
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tees shall discharge all the duties imposed on them by the By-
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work that division of labor is not alone a pleasure but
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sufficient, for a physician may or may not find enough
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and side. By far the largest number of sprains reported
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duced favorable results, but it is equally true that its untimely,
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In cases of suspected fecal impaction or vesical over-
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Hospital, and a member of the Amebican Medicai. Associa-
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what enlarged. The capsule stripped easily, and on cut section
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tion is not distension. A dilated stomach is a stretched
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to a false sense of security i^nd a failure of early treatment in
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the vigorous quarantine and prophylactic measures, can pre-
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would have been decreased, since the majority of the
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member shall address the Section more than once upon the
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with the condition? met with in military practice. Hence no
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less diminution, and exhibits variation in the course of
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beautifully. The method employed at Hot Springs, in
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non-conformist position. It is not surprising that, with
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cerning the prevention of the spread of infectious dis-
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America in making proper provision for epileptics, will be held
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exclude the child. This answer was demurred to, and the
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pretended authority of such certificate. No answer of the
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tributing the patients to the various state hospitals. It pro-
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tions define hi a duties. He is to act as chairman when present
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bacilli from twenty-four to thirty-six hours old. This
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of the urine in the various forms of nephritis, the fol-
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elected the following officers: Dr. Avis E. Smith, president;
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no localized phenomena, the treatment becomes identical
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has been regularly and l^^Uy elected a Delegate to the Amkb-
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I say these considerations, and these facts, prompt me
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41 'Important Points Concerning the Dosage of Antitoxin. M. D.
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execution, tonics are useless, because they simply increase
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washing, which some advised being done every few hours.
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finca raiz cali arriendo oeste 10. — This patient recovered from the first operation,
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two of them have the same medical laws. Yet there is not
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being a completely closed sac, must receive the tubercle
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the organ, in which case symptoms sufficiently marked
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pleted the buildings will have cost in the neighborhood of half
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teeth annual meeting of this Society was held in Concord, May
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