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perforation, or even when prolapsus of the iris has just occurred, as
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[Read before the Boston Society for Medical ImproTemcnt, Jnnunry I'ith, 1863, and communicated for the
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republishing. It was reported by Dr. Newman, President of Ihe St,
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recommended by any one else. lie gives a report of three cases of
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Govcruor Noah Martin, M.D.— At Milton, May 18th, Ehzaljcth M., wife of Dr. C. C.
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Action Internal. — Digestive Trad. — Quinine, in thera-
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in the stomach and bowels resulting from indigestion and
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the aspect of the countenance during the fit. Symptoms of exhaus-
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dress covered the chest, was of the same color. The mental dis-
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The specimen has been sent to Dr. Brinton, in Washington, for
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times injected into spasmodically contracted muscles for