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June, 1883, a thunderstorm of considerable severity, though

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hospitals of the Royal Flying Corps, etc., have been so

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quadriceps is impaired or lost The circle of dynamic relations is

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case failed, yet we agree with the author that these experiments

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produce in health. Favourable hygienic conditions are impor-

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resonant chambers of the pharynx, buccal cavity, naso-

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men were to dress judiciously, and the crime of abortion cease

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carbonate of sodium with good effect in some cases. — Glasgow Med. Joarn.,

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accustomed to see in the lower parts of Michigan Territory." The 21

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years. He first developed rheumatism -of each knee, in the month of

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Faust's paper is dated on the 23rd of August, and Dr. Mitchell's,

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It is ushered in by constitutional symptoms, chills,

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same result could also be obtained by increasing the curriculum by

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of Maine ; Ransohoff, of Ohio ; Gihon, of the Navy;

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of nothing), the well-known extension of glanders among horses of

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seen that the three former agencies mainly concern the accumulation and distribu-

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