and all diseases in which a Kidney alterative or an anti-lithic remedy is indicated.

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throwing out branches and twigs, holding by the ultimate subdivisions to the retina, so

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IS recommended that the dosage t>e limited to 15 mg

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condition practically unaltered. Pulse 102, regidar.

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tion of the above. Should any undue amount of swelling ensue,

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the palate two months after operation. The improvement both in

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suddenly causes trouble to which a horse, for instance, has

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set in. There was anorexia of recent date. There was no diarrhoea.

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cancer is a result of chronic intestinal stasis. He illustrates the case of a toxic woman.

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early date, must be borne in mind. In both adults and

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The parts soiled by excreta shall be scraped, swept, scoured with water,

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to the gall-bladder just as it might be an hour or two after

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denly seized with a severe chill, lasting for twenty

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butter and a little salt, v/ith white pepper. Take from the fire,

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to some people, they, are dangerous and injurious to others. Those

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the instruction of the undergraduate in this subject, viz. to acquaint

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fund of knowledge. In this manner he can advance most

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twenty-two, pi-esented himself with a \ell-defiLfd,

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McDuffie's paper in the special tuberculosis number of the

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In many diseases, the skill of the physician consists in his capacity

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this* time rest and travel were advised. He was very emotional, even hysterical ;

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ment or even rupture of the spleen (milt), and a very high

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preciated. We have reported a case of infant botulism in

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is that of the regulation of prostitution, which has

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inoglotiides ; together these constitute the body or strobila. The head is

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inunctions of mercurj^, and doses of potassium iodide, which he is still

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region with a piece of wood with such violence as to