microscopic anatomical pictures. He sees and makes sections of the
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desired, as when a primary is located superficially
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16. In the case of hog carcasses which have been condemned for various diseases, the
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1. In the one case, we are dealing with general miliary tuberculosis
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■ >liii..|l.'V. I. I». : I'r.". I'll.*- S,.,'.. .Ii.ui. I'liv-i..!., ll'l;.', xl», J"..
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,„„1,1 1... ,l,.,n....st.at.'.! «l..'i. tl..' p.'.f..si.... Ih.i.l is .iia.l.' t.. t.av.'.'s.- all
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ones. An estimate of several hundred yields the following percentage:
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in the light of modern knowledge, to judge whether it is local or
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Kohler, Louis H St. Louis Lemen, Lois E Columbia McAlester, Andrew W., Jr. ... Kansas City
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Function of the Pars Glandularis. Tlic facts eoncernin;.' tlie fuiictioi
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'■-Ki'liii. (».. Cmiiihjii, W. 1'... iiTi.l l>iMii,. \V.; ,1.1111. liii.l.' Cliiii... l:ii:!, Mii. 1(7.
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changes already noted in the bones of the face, the ends of the long
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Section 4 of the act requires that, after said examination, the carcasses and products
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individual part, and thus the whole scheme is defeated. So in the
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Uruguay, and Japan until they have withstood the tuberculin test.
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Similac is a complete, laboratory modification of cow’s milk
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bacon is to be exported shall require inspection thereof relating to the importation
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component parts of sausage when he examines the finished product?
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(8) All condemned carcasses, parts of carcasses, or organs showing lesions of tuberca-
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certain interest in themselves, we decided to report tiiem separately at
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diology — Pillmore; Pediatric Therapy — Litchfield and Dembo; Rhinoplasty^ — Malin-
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employees were interviewed with reference to the time of renovating the plant. This
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muscle twitching after stopping elavil abruptly
of the right thoracic cavity was empty, the parietal pleura was smooth and
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Fig. 12. Cross sections of stable shown in fig. 11 21)5
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rapidly to their death, the perforation usually be-
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ture from the bronchial gland of No. 33. No. 75 was slaughtered
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on September 25, the day on which it became known that the
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sugar to a non-reducing form that yields again a simple sugar on
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Fractures of the hand, with complicating soft tissue injury and methods
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tenance, growth, repair and many other essential functions.
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40. Sperling, L., and Myrick, J. C.: Acute Appendicitis.
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Robert Mueller, M.D., St. Louis, President, Missouri
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the infected animals and premises. This is done by careful inspec-
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revealed multiple thin walled cavitations in the left
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hardly at all and frequently crying out as if in pain. The parents,
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(If iiiui-li !jii liter inactiriil iiii|i(>itinirc than the cxixTiiiiriiis in wliii-li
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, coarse fodders. On the basis of these results he has prepared a table