attitude towards novelties. In addition to consulting and operating, a good

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and lungs gave no other results. No pain; but distress, discomfort, oppres-

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alcohol, then from not too little toluene, separating on cooling as

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furnish the stimulus needed to call forth an abundant supply of anti-

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sist in diminishing for a time those exertions or movements which

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{g) Influence of hydrochloric acid of human gastric

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pleurisy not having a family history of tuberculosis, and that

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pledgets, pre|)ared in advance ; 5th, Albert Smith's

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Insane Hospital last October. At this meeting and at the annual

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best to stop the iron, let the patient go without any for from two to four

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23. Bruce, D., cited by Laveran, A., and Mesnil, F., Trypanosomes et trypan-

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unawareness allows the patient to continue walking not only

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veins covering many fibroids; (3) it is almost impossible to

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Medical Director. Northern Departasent, for dnty aa Bnperlntandant of

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tear or to the mucous membrane of the uterus, total

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at his death, and the capacity of whose waistcoat was said to be

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as well as of the sensations of the patient, and any

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may be an infective arthritis in a htemophilia. In children under

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3. Exercise, while on duty in the front line trenches,

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eration, he was admirably educated in foreign schools.

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Jvr Prakt. Chem. IX. 1650.) It is aUo opptMed to (tie experimenta of

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reau. Department of Physiology, Laval University, Quebec; Pro-

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words a laryngitis of a greater or less extent. The truth

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a protest against the prevailing tendency to decry the value of all medica-

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The ester hydrochoride separated on cooling, the process being com-

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the use of the aspirating needle arc not common, still cases do

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abnormal, but the peritoneum was thickly studded by new