what analogous preparation which bears the same name, is pre-
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weaknesses are hereditary, for instance, a man would be foolish to breed
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let us say, at the thigh or shoulder, requiring amputation^
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on itself, and the lower part very tense. The upper pole was lower-
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on Monday, October 31, 1910. He was stated to Jiave taken ill
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This was entirely scraped out, and the cavity, owing to a violent hemor-
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and 1913, respectively. Both of these patients apparently contracted the dis-
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the liver ; another kind belonged to the pylorus, and
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tion from one posterior pouch to another, cutting between
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large portion of that class of students who crowded the lecture rooms of
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again to its original seat. But the most serious change is when
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the patient, gave but little to hope for as the result of operative
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limited to the ankle and knee-joints. It was his first
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life, and in only a limited number is the condition con-
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fall of blood-pressure, though the patient was as deeply hypnotised.
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not intended to take the rifling of the guns from which they are
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whatever it may be, and in which he will know that he has a chance to
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students by giving twenty-five to thirty consecutive lectures every
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But it is to be feared that the hemorrhage, though prevented so long
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(J) In the second group of cases word-blindness is not associated
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magnesium salts are well borne, and in at least two cases in England under
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pelvic diameter. Tumors, such as fibroma, melanotic and can-
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well defined focal epilepsy, dependent upon an isolated circum-
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coronary artery spasm. It causes a decrease in peripheral vascular
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to-day from New York; The portions- sent are evidently the smaller ventral or
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with him. Because of limitation of time I did not have the chance to searcli
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the Association had been founded in Scotland ; indeed, the total number of
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if they had received some slight medical attention in early youth.
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not known before. These things are characteristic, it
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before the attack mentioned they declined to admit him to the house.