nancy, abortion, infanticide, inheritance, insanity, hfe insur-
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subject, which is the benefits of Electricity as a medical agent.
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The labors of the Philadelphia Committee for several
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have been weakened by some cause, that the battle is lost
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was supplied from the artesian well in Trafalgar Square. The supply-
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tities of water quench thirst. For the moment it cer-
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a vegetable diet. The puppy should be fed four times a day
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individual in the room knew what was wrong ; the demonstration was
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He took for his subject a woman suffering from leucorrhea and eczema.
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by Dr. Johnson, who says that he has *'seen the same absence of pain on pres-
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or the poorer for it. It was a charity to others as
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may take place (from exhaustion usually) after the lapse of several
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We give the publisher the advantage of his own synopsis of the
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mation of starch into sugar, too, may be cited as an example of a change which, although
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followed by conA^alescence in from six to twelve months. The disease
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sive ; but it is surely our duty, in all doubtful cases, to give our patient
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albumen and large granular tube casts. This disease is thought
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crease of nuclei, probably covering the glomeruli, and
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Corrosive subHmate is used in a strength of 1-5000 or 1-3000, and
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This is the salt which exists in sea water, and in the ashes of sea weed,
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Now, the question is : Would not this have been the
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intimate relations between the spiritual and corporeal which, ever and anon, are brought
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At this period of its history the Edinburgh school attracted
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method of calculating depends entirely upon the dexterity
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the former, so as to hinder the relaxation of the lat-
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previously announced, holds its annual meeting at ^'The Not-
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repeating what I have often said before, that if the physician could
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farin],” says Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes
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ordinary agglutination reaction. The serums of five patients tested
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moderately heavy suspension. The concentration of bacteria should
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pecially the presence or absence of the bacilli, and the
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vading organism on account of the new medium in which it finds
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ed at most of the Experiment Farms, while many voluntary
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by the introduction of new matter carefully selected from the
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