On exploring the cavity of the abscess, it was discover-
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immediate, reliable analysis. Right now, the P.C.L. patrol is
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may also be healthy, but is dilated like the diseased portion, and filled
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bacilli, but cocci are also found. In the deeper layers the bacilli are
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his care, which he is bound to produce when required
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Muller's fluid does not preserve the ganglion cells as
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2. Dimethylparaphenylenediamin hydrochlorid, 1 per cent.
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employing Blancaard 's technique, succeeded in proving
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became cold and livid ; su.spected arteritis. Am. J. M. Sc.,
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usually foimd ; most frequently in the pyramids, rarely in the convoluted
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rhythmical ; and this, whether it be a direct result of the morphia
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ancemia is a constant element, there are doubtless causes which act upon the
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four times previously undergone craniotomy, and a living male child
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quired ; and the opaque film begins to show itself at the edges of the silver!
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of dizziness. He had been troubled for several days prior to this
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to asylums after having been several years in prison
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count of His Majesty's illness which appeared in our second
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develops into what might be described as Italian pink. A still fur-
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immeasurably as in the complexity of his brain ; by which civilised man
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one place, then in another. From time to time, when exacerbations occur,
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rapid indicator of lessened blood volume. According to Cannon and
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1. Grossman Ml: Scand J Gastroenterol S8 (suppi 15): 7-1 6, 1980.
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of the sympathetic system. This opinion he" bases upon the intimate connec-
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least, to taint in the constitution; and for its complete removal will re-
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2. — Vaccinia. Course of the eruption from the tenth day
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Sir, — A clear and simple definition of the Anglo-Saxon word
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have been put forth to explain seasickness. Frankly, liow-
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or hooping noise vomiting desire for food ; treatment, emetics
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stasis following in sequence. Aside from fatigue of and molecular
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Dr. Ziegler stated that he had found that electric illumination
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pharyngeal follicles and cervical glands. The conclusion was that the