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Reduction in Death Rate. Another reduction in the death

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ity of cases reduction can be readily accomplished by

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charts illustrate some of the points we wish to bring

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have taken of the organic nature of the poison of cholera sulphuric

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of turpentine the weight of the contents is found to be. grains from

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ossophagus and trachea the voice has a peculiarly shrill

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attribute the death to hemorrhage. Also in example No. in which

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sulted private physicians in. per cent of the cases and

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inadequate. Before all else v. Mikulicz intended to attack this inacces

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deformans. It seems more rational in the light of our present knowl

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against John Conlan unqualified practitioner. The defendant

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nervous mischief is not primary but consequent upon vascular lesions.

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discrimination. Letter on Rheumatism and Gout addressed to Sir George Baker

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functions of the kidneys and so leading directly to unemic poisoning.

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rence of the hemorrhages is seen. The exact relation of some cases of

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will be small and quite inexpensive and Messrs. Hodder and

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nitrogen than in ordinary waters in others a little more oxygen.

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opening the urethra in this dilated part the ne.xt step

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