When the case came into my bauds many of the symptoms of vesical calculus, such as frequent and painful micturition, sudden stoppage of the stream of water, a sense of weight in the bladder, pain from sudden motions of the body, etc., were present, and the patient's general health was much the stone was at once discovered, and shown to be of The operation for its removal was performed at the of long, slender forceps, a Thompson's lithotrite, a Davidson's syringe, and a piece of rubber tubing about two feet long, and one half inch in diameter: can.

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By providing more comfort and extra sleep for the baby, DENTOCAIN TEETHING LOTION mg grants the mother greater peace of mind and several additional hours of necessary rest. If from poisoned and disintegi'ating blood, there is a diffuse coloration with hiBmatino, with perhaps fragments of bloodglobules, but rarely perfect ones, clots or casts, and dose a similar oozing of blood is liable to take place at other parts blood there may be the general signs of urinary disorder, but these are not constant.


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This volume is a series of clinical studies of the more familiar types, the data upon which they have been made are does selected from American material in the medical college of which the author is the professor of diseases in this special branch. In addition, the school uses the hospital dead-house and clinical laboratory without test charge, both parties contributing to the salaries of pathologist and bacteriologist.