same level, when shortening of the limb can be detected. If the limb is

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Physical Signs. — Inspection may show a swelling in the right iliac fossa.

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genic, those capable of producing disease, and non-pathogenic, those

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garded as especially indicated. The nitrate of potash and the hydro-

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aneurysms are the result of obstructions to the circulation, endarteritis,

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panied by pain, but sometimes there is a sense of uneasiness as though a

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the next day it will be noticed that the areola has extended, perhaps so as

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rapidly or in too large quantities. Although this mode of abstracting heat

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senile pneumonia the pulse is not a reliable indication. Its average rate is

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ond line is shorter on the injured side than on the sound side, in case of

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there may be fluctuation when the fluid is large in amount. If the two

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a mieroseoi)ical examination of the liver, pigment is found throughout its

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The three vessels are mrrounded bij Jibi'ous connective-

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firm hard masses are felt in the region of the umbilicus. Friction sounds

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some distance within the spinal canal before making their exit may be

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of the circumstances which increase the danger in any particular case are

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branes; idiopathic, a term formerly used to indicate an inflammation

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anterior portion of the capsular ligament. It is this ligament which

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the patient, that he carries his life in his own hands and that a sudden

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are more distinctive than in any other thoracic disease.

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tumors are painless. In cancer the nodules are hard, tender, and firm ;

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of permanganate of potassium, to get rid of the foul discharge, together

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tarrh is dillicult to cure, and cicatrices following attendant ulceration may

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Accumulations of crusts, with the co-existing musty stench, are often associ-

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is caused by the bullet, the pain is very often excruciating. Shock

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istering the proper nourishment, and it must be given at stated intervals,

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friction-sounds oi pericarditis are superficial and limited to the i)recordial

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Subclavicular Dislocation. — Subclavicular dislocation is rather

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The acromion process may be broken by direct violence. The arm

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ment of the attack was m a state of coma, with high temperature, a rapid

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possess this power, and were administered for that purpose, but have now

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