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On the Formationof Hail, by Professor De Perevoschtchikoff. —

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rest is only applicable in the treatment of phthisis of a certain kind. At all

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Surgeon, Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. B.A.

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pression between two unyielding bodies, blows, a fall-

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after-effects of alcohol. So pleasant a fellow is he in his cups,

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office, is encouraged in anything like faithful and rigid study. Besides, there is

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expressed himself as being in " perfect " health. No fungus or undue

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and saved only four cases ; in some of the cases in which the

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most interesting is that part of the decision that deals with the idea of per-

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are patients who are not in a fit condition to be so disposed of, one

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Young, who reports 400 cases in considerable detail. He discountenances

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ing the statiis of surgery in the nmeteenth century. A similar remai-k

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One ounce clean gum arabic, one-half ounce sugar, one pint boiling

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tion needed. There were doctors then who acquired more than a

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It is only human that the investigative side of any profession should

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evidence for and against each view that we shall be in a position to come

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3. Weekly Urological Clinical Letter, 27:2, July 4, 1983.

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by the octillionth of a drop of aconite, given alternately with

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for patients, hospital corpsmen, nurses, and officers had been so evi-

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residue recrystallized from water, decolorizing with bone-black. The

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inution of the number of ligatures and the lessening

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followed by a similar amount of disturbance of the general cir-

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type, and have gained an exalted virulence by successive reproduction in

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mals, the result of an accident. In young colts the bone

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which Faulty Closet Accommodation bears to the Diseases of

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the usual acid odor. The treatment was generally commenced the second

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It is, however, important to remember that discomfort is usually

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vapour is most readily condensed into rain. Cherra Punji, in the Khasi

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water, the men in the front lines are forced to crouch in shell

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matous fevers; but rosalia constitutes an exception. § In cases in

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existing in the lower end. On section two strictures were found,

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Ganciclovir is active against all herpesviruses and is an

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years, perhaps for centuries, in blazing light or impenetrable