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well preserved placental cells remained for injection.
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of placing the patient in a worse condition than he or she was pre-
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Qto the meatus, but not enough to obstruct the canal or affect
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are the most injuriously active not only lessening the growth
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Varolii ; the .symptoms of which arc to be studied in the chapter on the
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experienced unusual pain, which after rest would likewise pass
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Take of Gallic Acid a dram, Brgotiiie and Digitalis.each, a scruple. Make
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' American Journal of Science and Arts, xliv., September, 1867.
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another instance of the i)erpetuation by an able man
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** With leas promptness and lees constancy the other organs in this connection respond to the morbid irritation of
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an irritable habit takes place, which is an increased disposition to act without the power to
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twitchiuiTS. the latter sometimes so violent as to force
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Constituents. — 1, bassorin, 35 per cent.; 2, pectin, 10 per
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tebra, and from this point it is easy to find the space be-
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urethra, and infiltration of urine into the scrotum; and in deep-seated, impas-
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the rudiments of a military education in the schools,
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panions. He was attended by a surgeon for fourteen days, and he was
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opened or ruptured, and healed. In October he began having