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mother volunteered the statement that an older child had

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daily. A regimen of prednisone was started because of the

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body, — blood, phlegm, and yellow and black bile.

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ances, no friends, no money, nor any thing ; to those who

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propranolol is prescribed tor angina pectoris, the patient should be cautioned against

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aiVan Slyke, D. D.: The Present Significance of the Amino Acids in Physiology and

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his last paper (Arch.f. d. ges. Physiol., Bonn, Bd. cvi. S. 160) pays very

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catheter ; is much clearer than if passed normally. By the

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Cast. No. 4. — Lateral Version. — Mrs. P., aged about 40; married

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have also one ever-present condition. A coffee-colored urine

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sion of the symptoms. Indeed, these doses generally operate favorably

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The only plausible objection to this theory, which I have observed,

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also be complicated by abnormal but healthy bone growth, which

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be made out ; and when they could be, it was far more

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" " history of a case of a foreign body in the bladder, with stric-

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tute a proof that they are a cause of the disease; or because various micro-

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is a process entirely confined to the liver. Folin's collaborators, Fiske

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phorus, which is best given in the form of lecithin (a natural

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Another variety of lupus, sclerotic lupus, is to the

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excellent method to correct the evil consequences of too great a

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The following is a summary of report of work done by three

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