nation, the variety of exudation is not generally influenced by the question

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he '^ considered it better to determine the amount necessary to pro-

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examination, the choroidal vessels are seen most distinctly as a pink

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little difference in the rate at which the red blood cells rose or the

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purest kind; sift the oats free from all dust; also dust the hay

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first of its kind, both as to the number and worth of its

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particularly consulted in these cases. Sometimes, when the usual

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Swelling of <Ae extremities may be produced by the use of

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more distended five days before admission to hospital, with dilated veins,

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in the absence of pupillary changes. It is not conceivable that

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prevent the transmission of Tuberculosis through infected milk.

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no valvular change in the heart, but its action was

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Vesico- Vaginal Fistulas — the first in 1852, couched in the most suitable

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"It has been found out by experience that the whole, by its

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proach which has been in connection with the losses.

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restored within half an hour, and a day or two later the dog was as well

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regular intervals. He kept the child under observation for two years ; it had

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of subacute and chronic cases, let us see if we can do any better, or as well,

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lieved. This sarsaparilla can be obtained by applying to Drs. Newton

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ease of each middle cerebral artery. Thrombosis of each at the part diseased

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does, posteriorly, it is not easy to readb the pas n^

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firm. The umbilical sulcus lies flush Avith the skin, and the superficial

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independently of predisposition, as infection of a susceptible animal takes

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As bearing on this tlierapeutio resemblance between Citric

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teriorate the milk. It is well, therefore, when this occurs, to wean the