Professor A. C. O' said the heart showed a rup-
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seat of suffering was in the upper part of the abdomen around
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guration of this important branch of service in all the
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knotty, with no hair upon its surface, and presenting a
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Gross still holding his well-known views of the value of bloodletting,
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to be a Bulgarian bacillus or lactic ferment, and this has been largely
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the service rendered by other journals throughout the medium of their
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Surgery, Dr. L. M. Waason has an able article upon the above subject. The
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little in length. Such bodies are spherical, polygonal or pyrif orm ;
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is common wheat cleaned and washed, then let it be soaked in
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In addition to the foregoing reasons why the surgeon should never
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2, 3, and 4. Complex movements of arms and legs (climbing, swimming, &c.).
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laxing the udder muscles, and after a time resumes the
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phoric acid is an oxidation product prepared by the action
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formerly the Medical College of the Pacific, has, on the
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The first part does not altogether realize the expectations held out by its title ; for
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to whom we owe such an enormous debt of gratitude at the present time.
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of distinction have already been mentioned in the section on acute
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of the methods adopted in the study of the natural sciences, it will be
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plan in the treatment of cancer by preventing its extension
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on the action of the nervous system in secretion. The chemists, we believe,
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disease has long been thought by many observers to be intimately
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contrivances, it often surpasses intensity in effectiveness.
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in fact, they should all desire you to be a long-liver.
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ticularly of the large intestine, combined often with catarrhal enteritis.
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time the patient will have to wear a short posterior splint to guard
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on small growths, and three to four hours on larger ones, with an interval
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the circular muscles in both loops work in co-ordination. As they do
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exercise and recreation, all under the direction of the medical super-
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Art. VIL — On the Therapeutic Application of the Solu«
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examining surgeons regarded the resulting disabilities as total and perma-
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with severe inflammation of the right eye, for which she was
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local or general. He was led to try the infiuence of belladonna on sweating
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to overcome. If you have operated for converging squint,
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very imperfect practical acquaintance of their authors with the subject.