or 5 grains at short intervals, followed by 15-drop
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general, no one doubts that the alkaloids of cinchona
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wound, the peritoneal surfaces may be separated, and a peri-
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Our experience is in full conformity with the above, and we are
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did not know., as that was the only broken bone they have
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All communications regarding papers, reports, etc., should be addressed to the Editor
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viously to being slaughtered, to be provided during such confinement
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sense of fashion, tbe vicious practice, of '' strait-lacing."
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the latter in 98 per cent. Probably albuminuria in eclampsia
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The greatest objection to the Botanic System has been, that our
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intemperate habits, but that his general health had been
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Chirurgie Orthopedique et de Traiomatologie. Quarterly.
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pital in the common acceptation of the word, but a home
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toms, are deserving of most thorough investigation.
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hog cholera) and by us, was for a time not admitted to exist by F. Billings,
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was much enlarged and extended 4J in. below the left costal margin
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Sir Charles Bell, in his classical work on the "Ner-
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be greatly lessened in passing from a sitting-room of 70, through a hall of 50, into
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supplied by the gland. But as it continues to flov/, it becomes less
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iliac artery should cause the flow of blood "to be not so
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there is something instinctive within a patient himself which
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I have several times seen something like this, prevailing epidemically, —
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patient's sufferings, they said, wore extreme. Less had been accom-
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the portion of horn external to it becomes brittle, so that
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that broad hospitality, that mutual deference which springs
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tract was deranged, and the most efficient plan of treatment in children.
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In the June sitting of the Committee, under the presi-
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E. B. Everett, and H. A. Tomlinson. Doctors McIntyre, Collins, Tomlinson and
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