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digestive principle of fatty foods, and, in the soluble form here
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qui 'peccat ebrius, luat sohrins, and to that extent holds a man
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Citelli*^ has reported on the advantages of pituitary
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gone a step farther, and would reserve the name " maladie des tics con-
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ANTILITHICS are those substances which arrest or prevent the
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plosion, an accident on the rails or on the sea-shore, the fall of a
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situation of catarrh of the uterus can be ascertained. If
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the essential changes may be induced in the tissues by irri-
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few days, and sets up adhesive union of the two edges.
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are presented for my decision and advice. Other matters of similar import
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obtained into the horse ; after repeated injections during a period
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pears with improvement in the general condition, and in
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tistics and my own, Dr. Derby compares the vision of
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I had A eancer on my foot about the bigness of an In-
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overruling Providence, the time is not far distant when
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(3.) Bi-Chloride of Mercury. — Corrosive Sublimate.
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grape, scarlet berry, tether-devil, dwale, skawcoo.
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up in the older child or in the adult an idea of the object, just as its
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onions, and stir them well about ; as soon as they are
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cent origin. To this point the wild savage repeatedly
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powder by the loss of their water of crystallization.
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made with the organs remaining in their natural situation.
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recurring small, and large alarming haemorrhages, as well as in chronic
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whole frame, and much more pernicious will it be to the tender constitu-
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traces of potash and magnesia, which were separated in the usual
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suspended, and the patient lies motionless, his face is pallid and
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hours at 37 C. and at the end of this time the fluid was apparently sterile.
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connected witii the digestive apparatus and the modifications required in each
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(H48,) the Abb^ Sans, (1712,) and Mauduit, (1118.) Althaus
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, novo._ but are developed from eggs and seeds, and
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on Materia Medica since 1788, was appointed lecturer in Chemistry, a post
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All material subject to this copyright appearing in THE WESTERN JOURNAL OE MEDICINE may be
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force of gravity ; but the increase observed in the arteries of the
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may be so severe as to fracture the limbs or the teeth. There is
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that it will \-ield somewhat in case of tympanites. A broad
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sons was on the bench, tmd seemed, as I thouffht, to be
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with atropia wUl relieve paiu and stimulate the heart. The
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Sequard in regard to the occurrence of remote lesions rather in connection
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housing and food production and supply, for children require food
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(Seethe excellent thesis of Paris:t, 3Iarch, 1839.)