ure to cold, privation, or mental or physical shock. The original symp-
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ment. The rupture of the ligament was caused by muscular action
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harm is likely to accrue, while, on the other hand, no
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tration advances and finally invades the muscularis and subserosa, the extension of
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thing lacking in the atmosphere of even the best of our British health
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Mills and Reincke noted (Mills-Reincke phenomenon) that
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samy substance, having a fragrant smell, sometning like
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parts of the posterior columns were sclerosed ; an obser-
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current of known strength furnished by a normal cell, the comparison being made by a bridge wire
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Dr. Winslow, who is editor of the American Journal of
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as all the first attacks probably occurred in February, and the relapses in
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J. Michell Clarke : Brit. Med. Journ., 1917, II., 239.
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series. In every case in which there was empyema, S. haemolyticus
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precautions are taken, the moisture will improve the appearance of the
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here of the greatest importance from a point of prognosis.
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adding an excess of aqueous sodium hydroxide and heating the mix-
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down to 99° a.m., from 104° the previous evening. No observa-
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Since there is much valuable land in Wyoming that is
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descendens, in which it is generally much longer than in
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of a collodion dressing to the cut surface of the mucous membrane ; and
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they must be broken to save waste and economise the
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evident laws of human right and national existence. But this subject has some-
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duenoe to stop the interested and monopolizing schemes
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in cases of simple pain. Among these I give a pref-
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equivalent to gangrene (death of a part). Then, again, horses
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Dakin has also made the observation that optically active amino-
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oxysms of general convulsion, — a parched and dry skin, and a quick,
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trusion of the tumor, 1 had a case in which 1 availed