you, sir, [meaning myself], vaccinated the brat, alter I told
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the Depot and Training School at Aldershot, in the place of Surgeon-
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College has been considerably increased and strengthened,
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than that retrograde step. A letter had also been received
proceeded against by the Society of Apothecaries for unqualified prac-
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was closely adherent to the cecum. The removal of the appendix-was
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whether labour should be induced or Porro's operation be
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months. Salary at the rate of £00 per annum. Applications to Alfred
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I HAVE no hesitation in saying that the introduction of the six years'tour
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afford additional proof of the efficacy of vaccination, even
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ments was 9S K'' F. A weak solution of iodine was used as tlie colometrie
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doctor's mouth, or dismissing him if he would not consent to
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to m 40 of a 1 in 4 solution of iodide of potassium or sodium. This
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cramps; no albuminuria. Dr. Broadbent expressed the
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DUHiNO the week ending Saturday, April 22nd, 976 births and 641 deaths
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tion and possibly the pressure of the medical profession,
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a crush of the abdomen ; and at the necropsy the dislodged
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Messrs W H Brodie, M.D., CM Edin , Student of Edinburgh Univer-
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on April 17th, and made a strong appeal to the charitable
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Communications. — Messrs. T. Law Webb, R. T. C.i:sAR, E.
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notewortliy, there are two other circumstances to which I
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perfect nervous function, there are abundant opportunities
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was the subject of heart disease, but he never allowed this to
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Tliioat and Ear, F., H.:iii. Oprradon Latjs.—\. Tli. F., :j.
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peritoneal coat of the appendix over the end of the stump. It
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of the same organ by different authors, thus bearing testi-
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recommendations contained therein carried into effect.
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coming autumn. In order that such arrangements may be initiated at
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side was very difficult to explain at first, but when, later on,
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of pain simulated the paroxysms of renal colic, but might be