died next day and a complete eutopiy was made by Dr. Flezner.

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ning of these attacks, together ' with undigested curds and

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expulsive efforts cease, and the labour no longer progresses. If the uterus

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work generally recognized. His death, which occurred at the

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the urethra twice daily with 1 to 10,000 corrosive chlorid

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that to maintain the human body in full health, albu-

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not necessarily indicated. To assist the efforts of nature in throwing off

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Case 4. — ^Miss 6., a ballet dancer, by some means came iit

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consulted Lemaire as to whether coal-tar treated in

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city ofiQcials were accused, in all probability unjustly,

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form lymphatic (false) cataract). However, secondary capsular cataract,

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exposing the field of operation— were united over the

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bones. There was no sign of disease in the external auditory

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by the present law. the examinations in these subjects to be

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1874, a pioneer physician of South Omaha, Neb., died March

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thorough. We must inquire carefully and minutely into

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no relative ratio between the number of oxalate crystals

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delicate organ, whose function is to soften and dilate

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fumigating baths has thus been most satisfactory. In order to form a just

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absence of any inclination on the part of the dogs to

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known to fail. This consists in a tonic contraction of the

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of the larynx, near the false vocal chords, there was an abscess, whilst the

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of the wounded thigh have greatly enlarged, almost appearing varicose, and

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counteract bacteria and pathogenic toxins. The therapeutic in-

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of the peritoneum. Dr. Valentine Mott made a semilunar incision, similar to

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meatus. The second operation, made at a later period,

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tive pro<^edures must be governed by the local manifestations.

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sociation one delegate for every ten of its regular resident

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bones; hearing on this side appeared to be entirely destroyed; pains insup-

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was put on large quantities of water with urotropin, and the

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Fibrosarcoma in the Sphenoidal Sinus. G. Febbebi. — ^If

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a case of irremediable calamity j and the chain of reasoning which enabled

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From the Author. — Boston Medical and Surgical Journal for May 30tb,