Dr. Ratcliffe mentioned some experiments made several years
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subjacent bone. As an illustration of this form, he would mention
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with a view of demonstrating the care and cleanliness exercised in placing this water
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astringent in such a way as to secure exclusion of the external
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perience of hundreds of eminent clinitians the failure and disappointment upon the
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actual cautery to the chemical caustics, in the treatment of the ul-
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its weight of pure iodine, is of sufficient density to preserve it under
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of ophthalmoscopic appearances. Himself associated with the
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ferable, as the aspergillus grows best, and forms fruit best at 37° 1039° C.
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de-sac, after which it is packed tightly with exhibiting morphia to control pain and fa-
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may gradually subside, and ultimately become extinct, so that
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breaking down of the tuberculous tissues. But how is it on this side of the water?
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I shall avail myself of this opportunity, then, in bringing
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of directing your attention to-day to this subject.
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prone upon the table, face down, with an ^^^ require elevation of the hips as the pa-
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find a badly diseased bladder, but in this ward these varied states of health form an
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appears obvious on post-mortem inspection, the muscular coat
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induced by alarm at the sight of blood, which moderated the
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however humble his position in the sphere of original research,
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believes to be a doctor who is abreast of tiie the only revenge I got out of him for not
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their practice, making large fees and having complete
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sac, and by means of an air-pump the whole of the air may be
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strictures" (he continues) "are divided into simple and complica-
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whether the bromoform was eliminated as such from the organ-
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becomes of the ounce daily of absolute alcohol which is neither
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nillion dollars worth of these alcoholics increase, — the amount imported in 1902 be-
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general tuberculosis, many of the symptoms described above
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The lavements are found to act advantageously, in proportion
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birds. The disease was investigated by the Bureau of Animal
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examination. In one case the brain, spinal cord and organs
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side. Wound healed five years after op- ^ ^^,,i, "sickening" feeling, and after six
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ature than 60 should be used. When the very poor, it requiring 35 minutes in the
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aged 37 years, received a slight wound with contusion on the
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lardaceous tissue ; but at the level of the os this was replaced by
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" Ce n'est point, en efTet, une legere responsabilite que celle que