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and the administrator’s report on hospital activities,

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for instruction how to act in case the cholera should appear in England,

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hours, is, to say the least, of doubtful utiHty. In bed- J less; enough to do them a positive injury. It makes

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It is evident, therefore, that so far as the actual amount of

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induce us to suspect suppuration of the lung, and are therefore of

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alized and confidential deal to purchase your car for cash. Then, they’ll let you lease it

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remarks on this historical introduction to our modern bacterio-

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more frequently than twice a day. This may be alternated with

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after exercise or being in a heated apartment, and the danger of cooling off

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rated, with similar powers and privileges as the two institu-

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serious matter) the danger of contagion from this disease

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firactuiGB of rachitic boaes are chiefly due to the weight of the bodj

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from this cause was, we believe, that related by Hameau

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monly accepted theory is that the dyspnoea of bronchial asthma

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strength of grasp will be tested, and the " inte'rosseal movements " of the

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for a fortnight. AMien she got about again, she seemed rather

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was aged 84, and had five normal labours. Her fifth labour started

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in children under a month old from syphilis. Every mechan-

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sisting of branching threads, varying from 1 to 1.5 /^ in thickness, upon

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The effects of cold, like those of heat, may be general or local.

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limestone. The valley is beautifully undulating, and is surrounded

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pedition, which lasted three years and during which scurvy was entirely

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and should be guarded against ; (3) purely psychic causes,

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The Care of the Child in Health. i2mo. Cloth, pp. vii + 308. Price $ 1.25.

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narrower branch be occluded, alarming symptoms ensue, such as syncope,

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interfere much with the action of morphia upon them ; while

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subject more or less to this complaint. It arises from a

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But there will be a few who will be disappointed by

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fore death. This disproportion of temperature and pulse is shown

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attention of the profession was first called to it in 1877

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Butler of Chicago, in his report, where he refers to finding

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nineteen per cent.; Boston, twenty per cent; Baltimore,

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him so high a reputation. And while there is no department

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pieces. As smoked meats are often eaten raw, the occasional survival