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came better understood, it was recognized that the toxin

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allay nervousness. Cases of this type are sometimes associated with

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These do not make the house so warm as stoves, steam heat or hot air

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subjected to either is transformed into the self-same nutrimentive pro-

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as such the production of abscesses by dead bacteria or their products. We

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With this lotion the patient can usually be kept fairly comfortable

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Termination. — In most cases the depression increases; the pulse

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them being a good deal at sea, except the Magnificent,

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little)? ry ° n * f ° r ,urviy " , « * F * t ' 1 F »»' , uary.» Just hang on a fen sore tenths

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and is brought on by exposure to rain, improper change of food,

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tablished. He had found drainage by external incision

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spinal cord there may have been a suspicion that neuroglia

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1943. Hockaday, Agnes, 316 Shadeland Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa.

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remedies. I commenced the treatment, by giving stimulants and ner-

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side exposcnl to the direct solar rays. Su(;h an ob-

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anterior or oral sucker. It leads to a muscular pharynx which, after a

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Roentgenograms of the head revealed a slight enlargement of the sella and

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have been greatly increased. Caries of the teeth must be a

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tubular nephritis. In two instances an acute suppurative hepatitis with

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operated upon. By the time the patient first noticed anything amiss with

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tissue factor. The evidence is now irrefutable that tissue fac-