It was once the custom to draw blood in all febrile

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bulls gave mainly birth to female calves (Tellari and Fiquet).

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Sunday, ] 6th October, eight days after the frightful symptoms now

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the same affection, only milder, being unilateral. The first cow

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A .Innrnnl of Afrdirhir, ffurqi-rn nnil Allifil Srienri-s , puhliKhrd at

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If the uterus is to be brought out of the abdominal wound it will re-

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Other common names. — Hippocastanum, bongay, konkcr-tree.

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or to influence its advent. No telluric emanations that were

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consequent to the disease, a shoe exactly the contrary to this has

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their own; for instance, in some diarrhoea may be a very prominent feature,

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bachelor's office, or for the comforts and conveniences of the

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II. Compound Fracture of Skull, by Dr. L. W. Cockburn. A cas-^

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to the lower part of the abdomen, groins, and axillae. Vomiting is a

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or prepared synthetically. A white crystalline mass sometimes acquir-

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tution of the kind in the city. It was opened in June,

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vious to that time, the sales were confined to physicians' prescrip-

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clothing of casual ladies who passed under the Doctor's window,

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elytrotomies, the remainder being abdominal sections.

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of hydriodic acid in conjunction with the hypophosphites and zinc

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Facialis," and by the late Dr. W. D. Moore, in our own columns.'

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This hypnotic was first studied by J. VON Mering ^ (H.

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recommendation of electncity is always guided by a demiite knowledge of the

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