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increase of convenience, with well-arranged walks, with large screens

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of a probe. The dressings are now to be applied and changed every four

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defence are overcome, the parasitic organisms gain the upper hand and

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occurs between 2 and 3 p.m. ''Hence trees may be regarded as reser-

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Weber. He ligatured a frog's leg, then irritated a portion of the web by

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II. Expectoration. — Children seldom expectorate false membrane

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the nervous side — pain in the head and neck, retraction of the head, and

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the conditions of our environment that favour its development, may also

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remember that periods of rest, even of improvement, occur in this dis-

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and coarsely granular basophile; while the lymphocytes and hyaline cells

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When death occurs rapidly at the time of the exposure it may be

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Gerhardt (34, 97) and myself (21). Even epidemics of such cases have

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patient with wholesome confidence. If at any time the nurse cannot

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as an albumin nor albumose nor peptone. Duclaux, as previously stated,

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after birth ? Baumgarten assumes that in these cases also there is a

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inmates isolated under observation. Under some circumstances the

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brane is in a state of inflammation, the latter gives way at once, under

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Pigmentary Degeneration. — The pigments found in the tissues are —

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and the liver rapidly enlarges. It is very tender on palpation, with an

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coma, convulsions. Sometimes they have a paroxysmal character, and

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Paraldehyde produces few special effects other than those procuring

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their age, it will be evident that some radical defect of management

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the fluid itself may, like the cellular tissue, represent the image of tho

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me to believe that the presence of streptococci in itself does not influence

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surface to be acted on, as recommended by Bretonneau.

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In the cerebral attacks one most curious phenomenon observed, was

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It is to be hoped that further research will give us soipie means of

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of animal magnetism, and being myself engaged in investigating it with a

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the actual cautery. In cases of larger wounds thorough cleansing, fol-

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not coincide in this opinion, especially when we consider that it is a pun-

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the micrococcus is found in pneumonic sputum, in pneumonic exudate

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physician should have a voice. I would, therefore, suggest the following