The packing was not removed for nine days. On its re-
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world as the doctor sees it? I have studied Darwin and
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• Tenney, Elmer S., Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.
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better, the fluid extract of grindelia in doses of ten
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The deaths reported from infectious diseases numbered
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easily digested — beef, mutton, fowl, etc. — with such
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impressions. This, although valuable, is insufficient
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various diseases or the rapidity of physical deteri-
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advisability of destroying all stray ones as a menace
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it is as forcible and as speedy in working the death
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sented none of the symptoms which I observed later.
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turers are invariably high authorities in their re-
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ses he includes constitutional netirasthenia (obses-
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started on the 26th of October, 1909, at the Munich
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cases, 14 deaths ; erysipelas, 3 cases, o deaths ; mumps, 5.
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ment wdiich it serves, and the larger interests of medical
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driuni. E.xamination : Lymph glands, not enlarged ; mouth
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w^eek as a typical pneumonia, and a fortnight later
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tive. However, it was possible to check the disease
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patients seen at the noon dispensary during the past
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pecial attention was paid to it. In February 1916, 2.8% was
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chancroid, 3 ; herpes preputii, 2 ; scarlet fever, con-
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of a colony in that State in the near future. A. committee
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International Tuljerculosis Congress will be held in Rome
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syphilitischen Falle. Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift,
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age thirty-eight ; and M. B., age fifty-three, although
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desirable also that the anaesthetist is cognizant of
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catgut suture. A small piece of iodoform gauze was car-
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cohol, tobacco, or coffee, each of which meets some