neck of the uterus drawn to one side from shortening of the
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promise him their aid and co-operation. In this way the
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hemorrhagic diathesis ; but I am strongly disposed to believe
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degenerated areas appears on transverse sections as
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Throughout the illness formic acid could be detected in the
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tinal cleansing. A mild saline to cleanse the bowels,
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silkworm-gut suture in perineal repairs. Bladder infections
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itants of this house were intelligent and cleanly, and
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and encroaching notably upon the middle meatus of the
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is believed that this method eliminates the excess of uric acid and aborts the
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terness of the mind, with brawling and quarrelling. Drunken-
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tues of this plant by the farmers. Many of the country
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that I find here, by talking with the leading men, that
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piece of sponge or cotton is generally used to clean away the mucus, etc.
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tube, the fluid of which has somewhat evaporated, leaving it a
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From the antei'ior and lingual face of the epiglottis,
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New officers of the Minnesota Surgical Society, elected
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running parallel with the outer border of the recti abdomi-
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tion is by no means so singular as it might appear at first
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gigues sur r etherization, Saint-Petersbourg, 1847). He
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in his attempts to alleviate human suffering and to cure disease,
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find sensitivo-sensory hemiansesthesia, hysterogenic zones, contractures, etc.
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cases], 8°, Lond., 1889, 5-8. — Pritcliard (J. J." G.j"
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dependent on a vegetable fungus is identical with favus. (See Favus.)
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followed by dilatation. With regard to results, Onimus dis-
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let them do what they will, their defpotical reign is over !
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of the operation advised are, briefly, as follows : A horizontal incision is made
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born with hip joint dysplasia, may continue throughout
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lies spent and exhausted. Till then the parents have been fight-
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traversed the upper lobe of the left lung, and was found fixed in one of the
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Immediately, rumbling in the lower belly, and pulsation in it deep
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rarely occurs. The result in any case is likely to be bony ankylosis.
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'• A return to a normal temperature in phthisis will tell us
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hernia. He draws from his study of the case and of a
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was done. Looking to the results which the author has obtained from
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This mode of bandaging procures immobilization and gives easy
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life, until, other remedies being administered, the patient might be placed
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ment is a difficult one. Granted that cholecystitis is present, should
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the man lived only a few hours. Dr. Elliot referred
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