garlic should be applied to the feet in small pox. It is

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instituting any treatment or taking charge of the case, so if death

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should be such as to keep the body open & no more for I think purging might be hurtfull

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dependent upon physiological heredity, the two being, in fact,

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reconciliation might be hazarded by attempting defence, suffered the

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bearing off the quarters and placing it upon the frog, will, in a

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almost invariably to follow the employment of this treat-

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money prizes of $2500, $1000, and $500 are offered for the best

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the palate two months after operation. The improvement both in

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disease spontaneously, as has actually heen stated by a

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At the apex of the right lung there is a cavity the size of a marble. The

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taug^ht, the paucity of true pathological research among

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the thickening of the walls of the wholly or partially occluded vessel

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advised to submit to an erysipelatous inoculation, to

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* The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and

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and bcrapcd away another large rnaiiii of ibia diiMriue.

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* Ueber die Eiweissstoffe des Hames. Deutsches Archiv ftlr klin. Med. Bd. 5,

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but its properties. Of its substance we are ignorant,

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it alone can, in some of these cases, determine where, and how related

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stenosis, but he did not see pulmonary regurgitation at all frequently. If this

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such lesions were perhaps tubercle bacilli and represented a mixed

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Philip Morris & Co., Ltd., Inc., 119 Fifth Avenue, N. Y.

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large size, but it does show that the function of the macula has

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In the discussion which followed this communication

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the most influential physicians ; the younger men hoping

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ration of viscid and rust -coloured sputa ; which unite into a mass

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skin becomes intensely hot and dry. The contrast in the patient's

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It was an arrangement by which slight variations (2 mm. of

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this latter is cut off, the cerebellum, being uncontrolled, gives. rise to the

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and insomnia, for a number of days ; the tongue is heavily

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woman, as a rule, at this period, would seldom, uninfluenced, be

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estimation of opsonins &c., on the preparation of

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time, in white wine. Let her privities be also anointed with