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Gerontological Society of America San Diego California No

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Ohio and Illinois have laws that limit the sale of all drugs

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are still liable to destruction and irreparable damage

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sclerosis or chronic endarteritis deformans is accompanied

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It is in this way that the portal circulation is relieved when

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on the magnitude or importance of the operation. The operation may

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to the authorities of the University that the members of this com

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that it is simply a question of curricula being so full and exacting

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of these showed pyloric obstruction. Seven of the pa

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branous exudation and simple catarrlial inflammation of the same

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mended palliative treatment and advised against a use

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ment and call for its immediate discontinuance. The

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occluded the liver becomes enlarged and there is jaundice sharp pains

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pulse is apt to be small and creeping unless affected by stimulants.

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