more congenial to him, if, instead of embarking on the sea
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the labor and the consequent evils — sepsis, fistulae, necrosis, hem-
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su|)erficial fascia, [)roof positive that the muscles have
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day. The remissions are usually slight and the curve shows little change
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assent to an examination, if the idea were suggested
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am disposed to say a word in regard to what has been called the
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chine brush discharge. The latter is painful to the skin and is com-
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Ellwanger. Frederick Robert. Ill (Duke), Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Co. ; Jacob Hunt, do. ; J. E. Casey, Herkimer Co. ; Qt.
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drawings. The dogmatic argument from ignorance is always
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Different stages of the same lesion were found in these rabbits.
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monly leave a blemish behind them ; and where the seton trav-
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professional fellowship extended to him ? It is provided in
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erable enlargement, I apply heat persistently for several
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The following were read by title : " The Woodbridge Treatment of
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paraplegic patients to wake to find themselves walking quite
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skin or mucosa the operation is almost painless. Other-
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of disease is reduced to the simple problem of furnishing to the leuco-
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In September, 1856, consequently seven years after the first
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While it is, of course, impossible to describe defi-
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along any old way; your eyes will be bright and steady and ready to
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of medical men. The lateral ventricles being much distended with
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over the patient's right hip holds her firmly in position
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than that of the other alkaloids, and it is not quite so
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attend and to draw the attention of the public to the exhibition.
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with it a portion of the tonsil, tha result being quite satisfactory.
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atmosphere of a cab that has conveyed an infected patient.
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become highly infective, but also the clothes of the patient, the bed-
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On the march ambulances are distributed among the marching
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The Science and Art of Obstetrics. By Theophilus Parvin, A. M., M. D., LL. D.,
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and albumen in the blood, as well as to the increase of the
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regard it as a post of honor, or else they would not thus stand
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ivas too small to compare aptly with the results of 1907, but during