shared by many clinicians, shall prove to be incorrect, we believe the

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many other cases, where fever is not explained by any discoverable local

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son with the amount of enzyme present, it will be found that a more

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tion, and leaves a large suppurating surface. The ecraseur, on the

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York Journal of Medicine and Surgery," for July, 1840,

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centesis of the theca vertebralis was performed for the relief of fluid pressure," Lancet,

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Case III (Reported elsewhere) : Mrs. E., act. 57, was put under

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through the oblongata dorsally of the spinal ^V root, and may be

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culosis in the skin, at the root of the tail of a bovine, with a dis-

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change their residences as the seasons change. This, I

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may evidently die from the imprudence of the treatment. But in such

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individual in the room knew what was wrong ; the demonstration was

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Page, Charles, Colonel and Assistant Surgeon-General, Med-

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proportion. The increased penetrative qualities of modern pro-

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The volume is of handy size, well printed, and neatly

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gations of Lebert,' and by the fifty-seven conclusions drawn

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the same method as directed in the foregoing section, Vvhere

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intravenous injections of novarsenobenzol. After this treatment

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M. L.\ Torre, of Messina, from his researches, con-

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of the opposite side. Immediately that the head of the bone has cleared

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contains albumin. There may be cyanosis both of the

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the prevailing endemic of the climate, whilst those, on the contrary,

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plaster, then a layer of cotton, and apjdy firm spica

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The splint used after the operation is that of Dr. P. Heron

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sistency of the man, in times of unforeseen and perilous

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Perhaps there is no disease of a local nature, not immediately threate-

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perance and previous attacks, and the severity of the attack, have to be

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copy." A Florida Doctor writes his friend in N. Y. to

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shortening of the canal is only apparent, not real. Attention is also

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the middle meatus. There was no pus seen in the nasal cavity. The

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per week ; that she inserted the needle perpendicularly to the surface, and

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