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Forlies and C. K. Eussel, the report of which will be found on page 804

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way than by means of a net, without incurring a loss of at

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but differing in the causes to which they owe their origin?

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jured limb was amputated by one of my colleagues. On the

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rapid improvement after the mercurial action on the system,.

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He concludes that normal blood pressures are uninfluenced by

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I had him placed at once under anaesthesia, and attempted

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Paquelin and massage previous to the sixth week are abso-

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alluded to by Dr. Leale, it is well to bear in mind the

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entrance of air which found its way to the root of the

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tied down to it by adhesions. Both capsules were as hard as stones.

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tion of opiom, preferably morphine combined with atropina Fail-

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death were due very largely to the excessive pyrexia

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from the aorta to the point of ligature filled with a firm tightly fitting clot, the

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The operative section is No. 13 of the Education (Admin-

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ankylosis and contractures, necessitating the use of a crutch, which

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powdered opium. It was sold at a high price, to a person not perfectly fa-

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just before death. In a third case, illness ten days, it was 105° on the

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Patients have also been studied in whom arthritis was not present.

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others believe, a more general introduction of the method may

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all to the presence of the Moors in Spain. This can

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1. Brachial. 2. Bifurcation into. 3. 3. Radial. 4.4. Ulnai.

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are cerium oxalate, charcoal, chalk and zinc oxid. (7) Of all the products

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the child very little trouble. I advised the family to wait, and if it

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one whose opinion requires consideration ; but to me

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weakness or uneasiness at the stomach. 47.5 per cent.

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plete extraction. In the treatment of strabismus, or squint,

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corporate bodies which have been established to uphold the

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itself so early and so severely. Frequently at the end of the first, rarely later

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help from his old associates. His father disowned him. For two years

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and the forefinger passing forward and resting upon