development of rneningitic symptoms the tubercular nature of the men-
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upon the heart- wall. As the destruction of the wall advances from within,
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found that the electrical reaction is diminished in quantity but not altered
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and dyspnoea persist. There is but little appetite, thirst is not extreme,
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solution), which should be given in double capsule in doses of one-half to
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PROGNOSIS. Usually death occurs in general paralysis in from two to
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tlierized, a mere pricking of the medulla would induce instant death."
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until increasing debility results in confinement to the room, eventually to
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opened. Professor K. C. Coleman, one of the faculty, delivered the
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and disturbances of motion, sensibility, and nutrition. The pain is shoot-
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rarely limited to the nerves of one leg. It is not commonly accompanied
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At alternate half-hours the patient may take an ounce to an ounce
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chlorosis, in which the enumerated symptoms are absent. The presence
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MORBID ANATOMY. Suppurative encephalitis may exist with or
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and the male one foot long, found in the renal pelvis and ureters of
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are seen, in which some of the tubules are obliterated while others are
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bacillus of Finkler and Prior is the sole cause of cholera nostras. In
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clots of blood may be voided with the urine. Cells or fragments of the
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normal or increased, the tympanitic resonance corresponding to the fre-
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the formation of abundant adhesions and a resultant secondary abscess,
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water one hundred parts. It is again to be washed in water, and may be
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that the hysterical woman who gives way to an hysterical nervous im-
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have insisted upon abstinence from drinking. There is no reason why
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and spasm of the glottis is frequent during the paroxysm of cough, in
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of control over the movements of the hands and legs, all symptoms
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drawal of the current. On the other hand, the galvanic excitability of
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ally not later than three months, according to the stage of syphilis in
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Spinal scleroses of vertical tracts may coexist in various combina-
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turbance of nutrition, but it should always be remembered that the pul-
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tooth. Impacted faeces, and fissure of the anus, frequently produce so-