quarantine ha« been in consequerce instituted by Spain against the port

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tween each other would produce. All the muscles of the body seem

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riil^Tf and this is wmnu^tx iu the etuleniic cases. The temperature is

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difi'ers essentially from both of these in that the incision is

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aortic cusps are likewise involved, though usually only half as often

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is the presence, more or less common to them all, of colonic symptoms.

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age. This treatment, however, should be undertaken early to show

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tions showed typical tuberculous tissue, but no bacilli could

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adhesions formed either to the intestines, particularly the ascending

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taneous tissues are infiltrated with a mucin-like fluid, which is not true

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of the shoulder when the deltoid muscle is involved in this affection;

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British Medical Association by the American Medical Asso-

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of lymph-glands, and scirrhous cancer, and such examples have been

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to be perverted. About ten months ago he noticed he could not speak so

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anilin, ergotin (one case observed by the writer), etc. Here also are

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developed, as are also the granular and perhaps some of the other forms

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was long ago pointed out by Simon, especially in the anemias of chil-

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that its mucous membrane is covered with thick tenacious coUecUons

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of the malady as it is, and which also continue with little variation and

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note in passing that among these were 2 cases that ended

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tities of nitro- glycerine have been introduced into the

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and Europe is given in an elaborate article by Dr. George E. Pfahler,

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Frame Food Company,. Limited, Lombard Road Batterseaj

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in which more cough causes more pulmonary weakness, and thus the

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ataxy, and lateral sclerosis, but yet marked differences from

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Glasgow, where Sir Joseph Lister was at that time Regius

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Bbadbukt and Newman, Professor Allbutt, and Dr. Walker

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periods ; those employed round the slag hole almost the whole

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cision in the lowest part of the abdominal wall, so as to drain

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selected which steady the heart. Digitalis is contra-indicated, owing

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day. All the animals inoculated by Kitasato died with signs not

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working out the best means of recognising the comma bacillus

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kinds. There may be K>calized hyperemia or anemia of the skin.

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more rapidly than older ones. In the early stage the patient may note

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